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About This Character

Example lines said by Sigma:
  • Hello X. It has been a while since our last encounter.
  • I will defeat you all. In every Megaman X game, I have eight Mavericks with powers. There has been eight games, how many powers are there?
  • This isn't over, X. Robots will rule the world, you'll see.
  • If you've not averted your eyes, you'll notice that the ground is full of monsters. They are impure creatures, yet no one tries to remove them; no one tries to bring peace. Why? Because humans are weak, cowardly creatures - (Confident) His message to the group
  • What you call tyranny I call order. Without order you have chaos. Chaos leads to death and misery. Humans are unhappy because they are not led. - Ramblings to Kellen when he calls Boss a hypocrite
  • I have had enough of you Alex. You think you're actions went unnoticied? No. I knew what you were doing behind our backs from the get go. I just chose to ignore it as you weren't worth my time. Things have changed. You've become more trouble than your worth and I fully intend to end your miserable life. - Threatening Alex for constantly betraying and interfering. Should come off cold and menacing.
  • *threatening/intimidating tone* And now, with these Deadly Six, I will conquer the world!
  • I am no builder, Doctor. You have much more work to do.
  • I will admit I was a bit dubious, but now I'm rather excited for your plan. How goes it, doctors?
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