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About This Character

Example lines said by Shinji Hirako:
  • (Make your own Christmas line )
  • I will never know how Kisuke convinced me to come back here.
  • Sosuke , I must say you have actually surprised me on your Christmas truce . It was truly unexpected , just like the fact of me being back here after everything that happened.
  • Can't say I've got much to settle with you. Although I do kinda wish you guys hadn't gone an' set up that crazy strong barrier before you started fightin'!
  • Well, ain't the answer to that freakin' obvious? Not a chance. We ain't your allies or nothin'. We're just Aizen's enemies. Oh, an' we're also Ichigo's allies.
  • Up, down, left, right, back, front, the directions the damage is comin' from... do you really think you can wrap your head around fightin' with them all flipped around? Not a chance. Ain't no-one can do that. The stronger a guy is, the more used to battle he gets... the more naturally his body reacts to exactly what it sees!!
  • It peaked my interest. I do understand that some much has happened since we were both still officially part of the Soul Society, but it was worth a trip up here.
  • Is it to protect you as you try another plan?
  • Did not. I still dont know why you call me baldie, Im not bald. (Feel free to improv)
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