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About This Character

Example lines said by Seto Kaiba:
  • A complete loss? Furthermore at your specialty, Raijinhai. You are no longer worthy of being a part of the Shittennou.
  • Yugi Moto... he has another face. You still don't know his true form...
  • Looks like we really are connected by the thread of fate. You can try to cut it, but it can't be broken... It's the thread that entangles us.
  • (Kaiba is pretending to be a new student on his first day in class so sound polite and cordial) Hello, Its nice to meet you all.
  • (Yugi grabs Kaiba's arm trying to sympathize with him and Kaiba smacks him in the head with his briefcase while saying the following line so sound pretentious)
    Get your filthy hands of me!
  • (Sound Frustrated)
    Oh please, spare me all your bull about friendship will ya!
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