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About This Character

Example lines said by Seras Victoria:
  • Such a huge gun, but I hardly felt the kick. It's nighttime, but I saw her like it was high noon. What in god's name is happening to my body?!
  • Cripes! Are we talking to each other with telepathy?
  • My enemies are puppets...they aren't human, just puppets. Aim and fire, it's done in one shot.
  • Sir, she is already 5...no 600 meters away!.....It's such a big gun, yet I hardly felt any recoil at all! It's pitch black, yet I can see more clearly than in daylight.....It's all too fast, what on Earth am I becoming?
  • Yes sir! My master!
  • http://youtu.be/fEg1X52gakA?t=16m22s Voice this scene, all the screams included. (I want to see how you can make believable noises :P)
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