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About This Character

Example lines said by Senketsu:
  • (Anticipating) Wear me! Let me have your blood! No, I don't want to go back to sleep! Quit struggling so much--See? I'm a perfect fit!
  • (Concerned) Ryuko, your blood is hot and you only have so much left. You need to retreat for now before you lose too much, this isn't safe!
  • (Threatening) I won't let you lay a finger on Ryuko... You'll have to get through me first!
  • Don't go! Put me on! And feed me blood! I do not wish to go back to sleep! You'll have time to be surprised after you put me on!
  • Am I... feeding off Ryuko?!
  • Don't you dare lay a finger on Ryuko. If you do, I'll make you pay!
  • Hey man, I'm doing my best here! You're just not wearing me correctly!
  • By the way, Ryuko, you're about to pass out in 2 minutes due to severe blood loss.
  • If you let me do it, I'll transform into a badass rocket ship.
  • Put me on!!!
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