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About This Character

Example lines said by Sayaka Miki:
  • Among shadows the sadness shows a silhouette of one who's crying out and all alone
    I reach for your hand so we'll never be apart

    Just how many times have I felt this way?
    The feeling of this warmth bids me to stay
    Maybe I'm mistaken, and it's a sin, even so I just don't care
    The sounds as our tears fall paint colors big and small
    I wouldn't want it differently at all
    A normal life, just you and me, is what I'd like to see.

    My bravery has cracked and now I find myself, afraid, surrender into the night
    My knees held to my chest, I look to the ground, and then my world is filled with so much fright
    Let's run, though it may take awhile
    For now, can I just gaze into your smile?

    Your face bears an air of purity
    That mixes up these feelings inside me
    And even when you feel you'll lose your mind, you're always far too kind
    I call out your name, I'm calling out for you
    What's in the future; we won't have a clue
    The pain envelops me to think that we would ever have to let go
    I'll always be right here, I'll always be right here
    My arms are always open for you here
    All my feelings are never ending, and they will never disappear.
  • (sing a song, any song you like!)
  • I see why teacher called her a vampire..she looks like a bad-ass..but also like a *****..LETS BE HER FRIEND!
  • What nonsense are you spouting madoka?!
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