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About This Character

Example lines said by Sasuke Uchiha:
  • If you think I'm just a foolish kid ruled by his emotions, that's fine. Following Itachi's path would be childish, the whispering of fools who don't know hatred. If anyone else tries to ridicule the way I live, I'll slaughter everyone they ever cared about. And then maybe they'll understand what it's like to taste a little of my hatred.
  • I finally I finally got my first bit of revenge for Itachi... it's like the disgrace of the Uchiha clan is being cleansed. Like I'm separating the Uchiha clan from the rotten ninja world. You might even say it's what the Hidden Leaf always wanted. You always repudiated the Uchiha clan, so now we will disappear from your memories just like you always wanted. When I kill everyone in the Hidden Leaf Village! By severing the bond, we will be purified! That will be the true revival of the Uchiha clan!
  • I don't look to the future any more. Only the past.
  • I know the four of us have worked together. And for a while, I thought that I could take that road instead but in the end I've decided on revenge. That's always been my reason for living.
  • (being healed by Sakura; see page 4) Sakura... I... I'm sorry...... about everything...
  • (see last page) I think it's a lot like faith. To keep believing, trying, and enduring until we find ourselves, because people entrust their hopes to us and rely on us to carry on. Perhaps this is what makes us ninjas.
  • Hey...Naruto. You have to save Sakura no matter what.. I know you can save her. Once you've got her, carry her, and run..as far...and as fast as you can.. Even if it's just for a while.. I'll be able to hold him in place. Never again. I've already lost everything once before. I don't want to watch those precious to me die before my eyes again.
  • My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone
  • You're such a loser, Naruto. (And/or) Usuratonkachi
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