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About This Character

Example lines said by Sakamoto:
  • (Takes his slight hand pain in stride) Eh its okay Ukyo, I have had worse meetings with protective boyfriends before trust me.

    (Cheerful with a highly perverse undertone) Oh no Kasumi, the pleasure is all mine.
  • (Trying to calm Godai while teasing him) Relax I seriously doubt that anything bad is going to happen besides I am sure you have thought the same thing as well Godai.

    (Trying to act smooth) Hello ladies
  • (Casual Introduction and slight Intrigue) Oh so you're the boy in the bandanna who crashed here earlier, I've been hearing about you lately. The name's Sakamoto and I'm one of Godai's pals.

    (Gleefully teasing) Like last time? Okay now my interest is piqued so want to let me in on all the juicy details you lucky guy?
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