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About This Character

Example lines said by Sailor Uranus / Amara:
  • Let's go! They can't take all of us at once!
  • (shouting) URANUS...WORLD....SHAKING!
  • We're stronger and more powerful than you can ever be! Give up!
  • Hey, MeatBall Head. Working hard or hardly working?
  • Our princess is such a crybaby.
  • Neptune and Pluto are on my team
  • (as Erik, teasing and flirtatiously) Oh, yeah, Meatball-Head? What're you gonna do about it?
  • (please pronounce Uranus as YOUR-nis) Uranus Planet Power! (pause) World Shaking!
  • (as Uranus, intensely) I was born a soldier, it was destiny. I was not ready to accept that fact. Probably because I know that when I did, everything would change.
  • So the photographer said lets get a picture of the cousins so we posed together, and then he said lets get a picture of the couples. So we posed together.
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