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About This Character

Example lines said by Rose Thomas:
  • I know, isn't it awesome? We're gonna perform in front of audience of thousands in the actual Madison Square Space Station! We're going to space, Charlie! SPACE!
  • Who, me? Pfff! I'm fine! Totally fine!
  • I don't think avoiding a parking ticket is reason enough for the Russians to send an attack helicopter after you.
  • (to Al) So, you going to explain why your entire body is missing?
  • Now do you see? These are real miracles of Leto! Father Cornello has shown us the way to a new dawn!
  • Father, please put these blasphemers into their place! (Cornello: Actually, they are right.) ...What?
  • He says to keep being faithful, and to keep doing good deeds until I'm worthy of being picked by Lito.
  • Blasphemy! The father would never do such a thing!
  • (crying) Faith was all I had left. What do I do? Please, just tell me!
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