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About This Character

Example lines said by Rojuro Otoribashi:
  • Come along. That's right... right this way. Slowly does it... closer and closer... until you are captive to my melody.
  • Banding together to face a common enemy is sometimes referred to as a dark trait of humanity, but that's not quite right. It is no 'dark trait', but rather a basic animal survival instinct. Frankly, it is at times such as these that human emotional connection is at its most-
  • My hair! There is such a thing as aesthetics, you know, even when escaping from a pile of rubble!
  • What manner of guitar could fail to cry when faced with the deaths of so many men? My guitar is already crying. I hope you don't expect to leave this place alive... Quincy.
    Kinshara Butodan is a dance troupe of death. The payment for their performance is your life.
  • My techniques are indeed tricks. However, it is always trickery that captures the hearts of the public. I'll tell you what my Zanpakuto controls - 'music'. Its deceptive melodies resound in your ears and give me power over your very heart. If my deceptions capture your heart, they can burn your body, and even stop your breath. Now. Let us finish with a dance I'm sure will suit you wonderfully.
  • Judge me if you want but... as long as he's not around you can't use your full power right? Kensei gave it all to give me that opening. I couldn't let it go to waste.
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