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About This Character

Example lines said by Rin Okumura:
  • dark side in my heart is
    a view from the past that i cannot forget
    thats okay, cause who gives a damn
    Im ready to fire, set flames to these hands

    my life is no longer my own
    The picture frame is becoming oh so clear
    Yet my existence is unknown so
    i cannot protect myself

    This path i crossed unable to fulfill is all i have left
    and everyone has gone away now

    Destiny? what the hell is that.
    I will cry for this sudden pride
    ah ah ah alone in my world
    the love echoes now
    This twisted world, distorted world
    are destroying dreams of tomorrow
    Cant i just throw them away and continue
    goodbye precious life
  • Well I came across this hot chic-
  • It's Minako! (Me Nah KOH) She's hurt!
  • So, have you had any previous boyfriends?
  • Ill use my flames for a better purpose!
  • Im going to become an Exorcist... and kick Satans butt!
  • I'm not Satan's son..
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