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About This Character

Example lines said by Retsu Unohana:
  • Sing a verse of Oyasumi Nasai
  • Have you ever thought about how your opponents might feel when they are fighting against you.
  • To the thirteen court guard squads captains and lieutenants... acting lieutenants as well as the ryoka. If my voice reaches you, then know that it is an emergency. This is 4th squad captain Retsu Unohana emergency message. Please pay attention for this. What I am about to tell you is the complete truth.
  • This is because his condition isnt something can be so easily healed. He is going to be fine though. Dont you worry. Now I recommend giving him a little space.
  • Of course, Lieutenant Abarai. However
  • No nothing at all. Dont worry Rukia, Ill have Ichigo all better. Though when he does wake up, it will be up to you two to make sure he doesnt over-do things.
  • you know, you should never bite the hand that feeds you, or threaten the one trying to heal you! understand!
  • was that satisfying for you, it sure was satisfying for me.
    oh don't talk like that, i thought we had something special.
  • there is nothing to fear here, nobody will hurt you. i will heal you up and then you will be baked and then there will be cake. the cake is a lie.
    but i could still just eat you up
  • hello captain Ukitake how are you feeling today
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