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About This Character

Example lines said by Renji Abarai:
  • Sing a verse of The Dark of the Bleeding Moon
  • Captain ,Happy Birthday. It might be a little boring, but I have a present for you.
  • Hiding and training Bankai in secret? So that's the true form of your zanpakuto?
  • Sing a verse of You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch
  • (Make up your own Christmas Line.)
  • Can you two behave for one minute?
  • Showing concern for a warrior's life on the battlefield is an insult to that warrior.
  • I never won once against Captain Kuchiki. Ever since Rukia left, I trained every day, but I still failed. He is too strong. Fighting to get Rukia back is nothing but an impossible dream to me. Ichigo, I'm probably shameless for doing this, but I have to ask you. Please, you have to save Rukia!
  • We at this moment head into the decisive battle. Have faith that our blades will not shatter. Have faith that our hearts will not waiver. And even if our paths should diverge, we all share a heart of iron. Swear that even if the ground beneath us should be rent asunder we will live and return to this place again
  • You know what I dont care. The Captain can get angry if he wants. I dont regret spending this time with you, Rukia. I also dont regret doing this.
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