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About This Character

Example lines said by Reiji Shiratori:
  • (Trying to reason while sounding intimidating, and sarcastic) Now listen... I don't want to cause any trouble, in fact, I'm gonna be going to the same school as Yukio, True Cross Academy, so I don't want you mailing your brother any notes about me and giving me a bad rep at the school... so I'll tell ya what... I give you some pity money because I'm oh so sorry got how poor you must be living in a church... so how 'bout it, eh?
  • (Pretending that they're wrong when they're actually right) Pffffft... no it wasn't! I mean, the eye and the tooth thing was from the original phrase, the evil for evil and the burn to nothing thing... dude... all me...
  • (scream from being charged at from Rin while completely defenseless)
  • I'm gonna kick your a** Rin.
  • U Wanna Die Dont You.
  • Your A Little Freak Show Rin.
  • Agh! (Make a sound like you just got hit)
  • Im the icecream man... And heres your icecream!
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