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About This Character

Example lines said by Rei Miyamoto:
  • Shouldn't we do something?!
  • We need help!
  • Don't worry Takashi.
  • Yeah I get it now! Takashi, you hated Hisashi because he and I were going out! (To Takashi after he killed the zombified Hisashi).
  • Girls are complex, aren't they?
  • If you ever fell in love with another girl... I wouldn't be able to live on! (To Takashi).
  • Takashi is mine Biatch if you even so much as look at him i'll kill you (possessive behaviour)
  • TAKASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh the time we spent apart was just unbearable.. never leave my side again (after not seeing him for a short period)
  • There are only two things I dislike about her - her face (jealously towards Saeko)
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