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About This Character

Example lines said by Quicksilver:
  • The name is Quicksilver and if you and your friends don't leave this place at once, my father won't be the only person I kill today.
  • Look, O'Grady -- many of us came to the Avengers with baggage, myself included. Even Scott Lang -- your predecessor -- was a convicted criminal who literally stole his first costume. But just as Steve Rogers once vouched for me, he's vouching for you. That means we accept you. We put our reservations aside and trust that you'll be an asset to the team. You don't need to prowl around the shadows working up the courage to act like a man. You just need to understand that you're now an Avenger -- and that you belong here. Act like the man Rogers thinks you can be.
  • Captain America tolerates your insolence -- as a parent tolerates a child...! But I possess neither his maturity nor his patience!
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