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About This Character

Example lines said by Princess Zelda:
  • Sing Legend Of Zelda with Lyrics
    Do you recognize this music? ...Well duh!
    'Cause it's the motherflippin' Legend of Zelda!
    I'm an old man and this cave is my home
    Take this it's dangerous to go alone
    Now, Journey across a spooky land
    You hold in your hand
    a sword that shoots laser beams
    Won't you feel like a man, dressed up like Peter Pan,
    on a quest greater than your dreams!
    (Than your dreams, than your dreams, fleemy geemy deemy)
  • You have to believe in yourself and lead your band of heroes. It's dangerous to go alone, but it's even more dangerous not to go at all.
  • Oh, Lana! There you are, what have you been up to?
  • Impa, I fear she's falling into something. She doesn't seem to what it is herself and she doesn't know how to escape out of it. I need to help her.
  • Yes, yes. I will take of that later. As of now, it shows no importance to me.
  • Are you... the Hero of Time?
  • I'll stun Ganondorf with the Arrows of Light!!
  • This dream... again?
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