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About This Character

Example lines said by Nonon Jakuzure:
  • (Snarky) Oh dear... Froggy, Monkey, AND Doggy? You three are a disgrace. I expected no better from a filthy Kanto ape.

    (Annoyed) Bite me. Next time you butt in, I'm gonna switch out the lenses of your glasses with non-prescription ones.
  • (Confidently) Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly! You don't stand a chance against Symphony Regalia!

    (Fiercly) The sky is my world... the kid gloves are off, YOU STINKING B*TCH!!!
  • (Arrogantly) You doubt my loyalty? Haha, frankly I have a different relationship with Lady Satsuki than any of you.

    (Triumphantly) I won't fail you, Satsuki! I promise! Your castle will always stand strong and tall!
  • Stop.
  • Will you quit that?
  • I had to wear a track suit.
  • Oi! Are you making me jealous?! Don't hang out with that monkey, you got that! You're mine, Okay?!
  • Waaah~ He knows! baka baka baka Matoi!
  • Dog! Are you taking pictures again?!
  • Nani sore?! *feeling mocked or confused*
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