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About This Character

Example lines said by Navi:
  • You know, for a hero, you sure do complain a lot.
  • It's this way! Follow me! DON'T make me say it a million times. To the swamp. Don't just stand there acting cool.
  • What kind of friend are you?! How dare you do that to my brother!!
  • I lost my brother!
    I need you to help me come find him!
    You want your stuff back or not?!

    (Sang in the tune of Hey Mr. Creeper, there's no need for that kind of language. The only F word is Fun.)

    I've got a good tip for you!
    Pressing A will help you
    Get across this ledge and to the next room!

    (Sang in the tune of HURRAY! Let's all be nice today. Everyone is at play and there's no need to blow them away)
  • What's that?
    Hey Link, come look over here
    The way you look right now is-
    (Spoken) Hey! Where the heck do you think you're going?!

    (Sang in the tune of Oh hi! Let's go help those two guys, build a house and- (spoken) No, no, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about.)
  • I'm Navi the fairy! The Great Deku Tree asked me to be your partner from now on! Nice to meet you!
  • Hey! Listen!
  • --Show of your singing voice(in character)
  • It's been a while, Link...
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