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Example lines said by Narrator:
  • *Read the first paragraph of chapter one, minus Michiko's lines; that's where this ends*
  • *Read the description of Minako's dress in the chapter 'Honesty and Realization Part 3 (or 4)'*
  • *Introduce yourself, and tell PinkyMoon13 why she should cast you as the narrator. Feel free to speak some of your own lines! Show her your skills!*
  • PG13+: This book contains material that readers may find disturbing or offensive.
  • Michiko Saran, the older (by 5 minutes) purple haired, pinkish purple eyed and 5'3 twin, sums their plan. The sisters walk on the side of the road to the Phantomhive Manor in lace dresses; Michiko black with white details, Minako vice versa.
  • Sebastian walked back to the kitchen to clean the small mess he made when he 'taught' Michiko how to made tea. When he entered the kitchen, however, it was spotless. He spots Michiko sitting on the island.
  • A heavy silence loomed over them as they continued on through the snow, and mixed into this silence were the casts of bitter glances as they both attempted to convey how angry each of them were at the other over the hurtful words they had exchanged earlier.
  • The log raced swiftly down the mountain as they frantically attempted to outrun the wall of snow which crashed down close behind them.
  • Sullen faces watched as one of their most precious children was laid to rest inside of her shallow, dirt cradle. Her father stood aside, unshed tears stinging his eyes, and beside him his mate sobbed softly.
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