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About This Character

Example lines said by Nanami:
  • Yes, thank you Father. I am unworthy of your concern. But I cannot. I must go to the Shrine for the ascension ceremony! It is my duty, my destiny to inherit the power. This time things will go smoothly. I will give you no further cause to worry, honored father.
  • Is that... The Sacred Sword, Dragonbane? [in flashback scene] Ahh! What was that light? Minayo? Is that you, Minayo!? [the ghost attacks Nanami] Ah...AHHH! [Lenneth Valkyrie appears] Please stop!
  • No! This ends now. I really don't want to... I don't want to die. But... I thought my anger and sadness were greater than anyone else's... No, that's not it!! It's that her anguish hurts me even more than it hurts her. Truly, this is all I can do... Seeing soon...? That's right... I had forgotten about your duty, noble Valkyrie. Thank you.
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