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About This Character

Example lines said by Mystina:
  • [She's first seen in the scene talking to a graduate student] Oh, this and that. Basically, I'm consumed with melancholy after a particularly debauched midnight tryst. [graduate student asks her Wha?] I'm joking. Anyway, what do you want?
  • But these...are Runes? It can't be! The 4th and 14th Runes, and even the 22nd!! These were thought lost forever! What can this mean? Ah, they've already been dispelled... If he has the ability to shift such a huge tower into another dimension, just how powerful is he...?
  • Right. The single connection between Asgard and Midgard. I'd like to stand atop the summit of Yggdrasil, where it is said that Odin hung as he receives his wisdom... What, are you saying you're any different? At least I don't have a...a...Lolita complex!
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