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About This Character

Example lines said by Mr. Briney:
  • Ohhh, what am I to do? We were on our walk, Peeko and I, when we were jumped by an odd thug... The scoundrel made off with my darling Peeko! Wrrrooooooaaaar! Peeko!
  • Peeko! Am I glad to see you're safe! Peeko owes her life to you! They call me Mr. Briney. And, you are? Ah, so you are Dave! I sincerely thank you! Now, if there's anything that troubles you, don't hesitate to tell me! You can usually find me in my cottage by the sea near Petalburg Woods. Come, Peeko, we should make our way home.
  • Hold on, lass! Wait up, Peeko! Hm? You're Dave! You saved my darling Peeko! We owe so much to you! What's that? You want to sail with me? Hmhm... You have a Letter bound for Dewford and a package for Slateport, then? Quite the busy life you must lead! But, certainly, what you're asking is no problem at all. You've come to the right man! We'll set sail for Dewford.
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