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About This Character

Example lines said by Monokuma:
  • Introduce yourself as Monokuma.
  • Ad-lib emotion... or not. Monokuma does not show much emotion.
  • Upupupupuuuuuu. Laugh it up as Monokuma.
  • Im Monokuma! Furthermore, your headmaster!
  • Its an all-you-can-kill, kill-or-be-killed, killing-killing-killing-all-around world!
  • Hey, dont make it sound like Im some kind of a controlled children's toy. Youll sink my feelings deeper than the Mariana Trench
  • Well, let's see what the mass-o-muscle mole has in her will!
  • And to the emotionless broad over there who predicts everything, i declare....a boot to the head!
  • Upupupupu!
  • I'm not a toy! I'm Monokuma! The principal of this school!
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