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About This Character

Example lines said by Mikasa Ackerman:
  • (surprised, worried) Eren?!
  • Im strong. Stronger than the rest of you. If you want to sit in this classroom, cowering, waiting for your deaths or someone to come looking for us, go for it. Pathetic.
  • If I can't fight... I can't... win... Eren...
  • You need to get up. We have to keep going.
  • Armin,
    Are you saying
    You want him to die-ie?
    Is it because youre jelly hes mi-ine?

    (Tune of 'Run it up the flag pole, We will teach you how to make boys next door out of ***holes')
  • *TALKING*Yes. Weve been together ever since that time at my house
  • I didn't do enough to save you.
  • So it was you all along and you expect forgiveness??
  • To think that things cant go back to how they were before, and how everything from now on will be different and without him its hard to imagine..
  • Eren. There are others starving right now. Eat the bread.
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