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About This Character

Example lines said by Mephisto Pheles:
  • Eins, zwei, drei! *snap fingers* (and the alternative okay?) Drei, zwei, eins! *snaps fingers*
  • *Seducing/Sinister tone)Oh Minako... did I ever tell you how ATTRACTED I am to you? *plays with a strand of her hair* I mean, just look at you...*strokes chest*...So beautiful
  • Hey! Give her back... I wasn't done with your sister yet Risa.
  • Dear me.. you've got too much tension in those shoulders, Mr. Teacher... You should try to enjoy life a little. And it's not just the order we have to contend with... it won't be long before Satan makes his move.
  • Having such a wonderful little brother fills my heart with joy.
  • Eins, zwei, drei!
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