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About This Character

Example lines said by Medusa:
  • Stein. I missed you...
  • Come now, my experiment is a success! The madness is forever!
  • You are my creation! You are black blood and as I made you, you will do exactly as I say!!!
  • Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobra. (chanting)
  • You really are a fool, aren't you? It may look like I have failed to you, Professor Stein. But all of my work has pertained to the Black Blood from the very beginning. Oh, and one other thing, another part of your theory that is completely wrong. I didn't abduct the Demon Sword Meister from anywhere. You see, Crona is my own child.
  • *gasp* But that's horrible! I thought we were friends! (feigned surprise)
  • Snake, Snake, Cobra, Cobbra.
  • Get me out of here.
  • I'll be leaving.
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