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About This Character

Example lines said by Mayuri Kurotsuchi:
  • Oh, dearie me. This is quite a pickle. Though they may be zombies now, these men are nevertheless members of the thirteen guard squad! How can a man such as myself, who may as well be the very essence of kindness made manifest and given a spinal cord and limbs, possibly bear to fight against my own former comrades-in-arms?! There is nothing for it. I will have to leave this fight to someone who has no such emotional ties.
  • I see. How interesting. You are an intriguing one indeed, Ichigo Kurosaki! I had thought that it might be entertaining to close the Garganta around you, but I think I shall not! Once this battle is over, I will be sure to subject you to the very depths of terror. The kind of terror that will make you look back upon this battle as a happy and pleasant memory!
  • There is nothing in this world that is truly perfect. Though it may be a rather large cliche, it is still the truth. It is the ordinary people who look up to perfection as an ideal and seek after it. But in truth, what is this idea of perfection truly worth? Nothing. Not a single thing. I detest perfection. To be perfect is to be unable to improve any further. There would be no scope for creation, not a single gap in one's knowledge or one's ability. Do you see now? To true scientists like you and I, Perfection is tantamount to despair. We aspire to reach greater levels of brilliance than ever before, but never, NEVER, to reach perfection. That is the paradox through which we scientists must struggle. Indeed, it is our duty to find pleasure in that struggle. In other words, the second you allowed yourself to spout a ridiculous word like perfect, in truth, you had already been defeated. That is if you wish to be treated as a scientist.
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