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About This Character

Example lines said by Marco Bodt:
  • [In response to Jean] Well, its when the fans(flustered) ship our characters together.
  • [Behind the scenes] (happily) Here we are in the green room. The animation team will show you guys how they made me look dead! And there is the make-up studio, where they paint on my freckles. Well, I naturally have them, but apparently theyre not dark enough to show up on screen, thus we paint them on.
  • [Off screen after his death in response to his name] POLO! Sorry sorry! I wont do it again, promise!
  • I really appreciate it - all of this! Thank you so much, everyone!
  • Well, for my last day of school, all I really wanted to do was hang out with you, Jean, and the rest of our friends.
  • I hadn't exactly planned on any of this happening...
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