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About This Character

Example lines said by Makoto Naegi:
  • Ah, that's right. Someone mentioned this before -- What's up with this situation?! What's the meaning of all this?!
  • After all, my only redeeming quality is my optimism.
  • Then promise me something. If at any point you think it will become dangerous, just let it go.
  • I dont understand how someone can do this to someone they love.
  • Detective Makoto Naegi
  • All that matters is the evidence! YOU taught me that
  • That's right! The competition is in a week. Me and my dance partner Camille have been training for 2 months now!
  • Don't break the fourth wall. You know I don't like it when you break the fourth wall.
  • I know! And our dance routine is perfect! I think we actually have a shot at this!
  • Hey, why does sakura have a will like this?
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