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About This Character

Example lines said by Madame Hydra:
  • I know some nights you lay your head against the pillow and you wish, with all your heart, that you would have died back in World War Two. Like God wanted you to. You think how easy it would be to to just be remembered -- rather than to have to live up to the symbol of a flag that lost its meaning years ago.
  • You don't belong here. You never did. This is why your ways don't work. You're a round peg in a square hole. Everything you touch turns to ruin. This country, the Avengers, your poor little Bucky.
  • I speak for Norman Osborn. We are willing to hand over Captain America and the other Avengers in our possession. We want you to immediately arrest the Avengers, one and all, and try them for their war crimes.
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