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About This Character

Example lines said by Lyon Vastia:
  • Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!
  • Kill all of the villagers. It's a shame there will be bloodshed tonight.
  • I am going to revive Deliora so I can finally find out if I have surpassed Master Ur.
  • (sultry) In that case, I am taking you.
  • (panicked yelling) I was going to say the same!!!
  • (angry growling) Are you provoking me?!
  • In that case, I know a good restaurant in town. (Trying to take Juvia out to dinner)
  • I hear youre going to be in the Grand Magic Games, Gray.
  • And you guys are in last every year. Until last year, weve always been in second place, but that was without Jura or me participating. You understand what Im getting at, dont you? (Gray said he heard that Lyon's guild comes in 2nd every year, and this is his response)
  • Look Ur... one hand
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