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About This Character

Example lines said by Luna:
  • Usagi wake up, we said we'd meet Ami-chan after school
  • Well, you just learned of your powers, over time you'll get used to it
  • We must protect the princess, and the legendary silver crystal
  • (Sigh) Alright then, Ill have to make you understand. I have a gift for you, Usagi-chan.
  • Usagi-chan, use the pen from the arcade!
  • What are you doing Sailor Moon? Fight! You have to defeat her.
  • Hey, were talking about important things! Can you please listen!
  • (Running) Usagi-chan! Why did you transform into a flight attendant!?!
  • (Yell) We wont let that happen!
  • Diana, take care of ChibiUsa for us.
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