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About This Character

Example lines said by Lucian:
  • [Lucian visits Platina in the middle of the night] Ssh! Be quiet... Platina... We've got to run! Come now, hurry!
  • [while being inside a jungle looking area] You've seen the men in black, haven't you? They came to my house, too! And the next day, my little sister was gone. My mom and dad didn't tell me anything.
  • Platina! We've got to get out of here! These flowers, all of them, they're... Weeping Lilies! [platina repeats the flower name] That's right! If we stay here, their poison will kill us! ...Platina? [after Platina collapsed] No! Wake up! I won't have it!! You want me to forget!? Would you forget me too, Platina ? [Lucian then anguishly cried out her name.]
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