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About This Character

Example lines said by Leonardo:
  • I mean, sometimes, when I'm dreaming i see things. Little flashes that seem so real. like they happened to me. Sometimes i even see....her..
  • Don't worry about those jerks. they won't catch us off guard again.But first things first, our father needs us.
  • D**mit Donnie! You have seen the foot! H*ll, i fought against them! Do you happen to remember the high-tech fight i have with stockman and his goons? Mikey fought a bunch of thugs stealing irradiated materials, and raph slugged it out with a genetically mutated snow fox.
  • Hang in there master splinter! We got you. Raph the hatch, close it!
  • Shredder! What have you done with Einstein??
  • Master splinter, they say that the ooze made contact with there dna, a few months ago, you said they were all destroyed at TGRI
  • Guys, were supposed to be silent!
  • Trevor was like another brother to us.
  • When someone spares your life, you better honor their decision and not try to kill them after the battle!
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