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About This Character

Example lines said by Kyoko Otonashi:
  • (Cheerful Introduction) Hello there my name is Kyoko Otonashi and what is your name little boy?

    (Cheerful then Gentle but Firm) I see However Ryoga I'm afraid I can't let you off too easily for you and Ranma will end up being assigned to try to repair the damages that you two caused when you were fighting earlier.
  • Bothered but tries to be understanding) Uh Ranma? I understand that you're really proud of your heroics and all that but before you go on your date could you please remove that from the front yard please?

    (Concerned) Oh dear you are looking a little worn out there Godai
  • (Friendly to a little melancholic) Oh Akane I'm sorry I didn't mean to tease you But still Akane you really should cherish the time you have with those you care for such as Ryouga, because you may not always have them around forever Akane

    (Cheerful and a little nostalgic) Likewise Shinobu, seeing you girls in your schoolgirl outfits has made me a little nostalgic over my high school years. Oh my I am almost sounding like an old maid am I? After all it's not like my years in High School were a long time ago.
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