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About This Character

Example lines said by Kim Diehl:
  • Well boo-hoo I'm not going to hang out with you anymore.
  • Money. *Almost a blank talking* You said it really helped you, so...money.
  • I left you a little bit of change to get you some lunch for today.. Thanks!
  • Get off me!
  • Stop talking.
  • It's our turn, Jackie!
  • Huh? What's that voice? Oh, but that's Soul...! HEY, wait, Soul, STOP!
  • Heehee! I wonder what happened after Soul confessed!! Did it go well? Did they make up? Oh wow, I did a good deed!
  • Awesome, now Black Star's surely gonna charge like a missile right after them!! And then they'll both fall madly in love with him!!)
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