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About This Character

Example lines said by Kentaro Ichinose:
  • (Annoyed) Mom! You're embarrassing me again!

    (Friendly and excited) Sure thing Bro, but first things first can you show me any more of your awesome moves?
  • (Angry and defensive) Hey don't you dare doubt my bro like that Godai! Ah don't let him get to you Bro, it's just his way to deal with the fact that he would never be able to do anything cool and awesome like you can.

    (Whiny) Do I have to?
  • (Calm and slightly drowsy) *yawn* Yeah good night Bro, good night Ms. Ukyo

    (Friendly and slightly flustered) Well later on that day Maison Ikkoku will be visited by a friendly old man and a uh nice girl who are here to visit the Manager.
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