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About This Character

Example lines said by Kensei Muguruma:
  • You're alive! You should be happy! So smile!
  • Sorry, brat. I'm not mature enough to hold back just 'cause you're a kid!
  • ( Ganju) Ichigo came all the way to Soul Society to save Rukia. He must want to rescue her with his own hands! Yet he has given that mission to us, and stayed back alone. In doing so, he is telling us that rescuing Rukia is the top priority no matter the cost! Don't you see? He has entrusted us with the task that he is willing to throw his life away for!! So we have to do everything in our power to rescue her. If we waste valuable time here, then Ichigo's sacrifice becomes meaningless!
  • S**t... don't you start getting...c**ky!
  • Tchh..getting his a** whooped before he even got a chance to show the fruits of his labor... if that doesn't make a pathetic lieutenant I don't know what does...
  • Something of this caliber was enough to take our Shuhei?! That Moron's gonna get an earful!
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