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About This Character

Example lines said by Juvia Loxar:
  • G-Gray? To think there was such a handsome man- *Gets Hit With Iron Gold Club*
  • I-If it's you i don't mind
  • Because J-Juvia l-lov *Gets shredded with Ice*
  • Please! Let these feelings reach you my beloved prince!
  • Look at me Gray! Do you like what you see?
  • Juvia is going to be separated from Gray?! No! (Very upset right now. Almost hysterical)
  • Juvia and Gray will be separated! This is unthinkable! (Still in hysterics)
  • How can Gray be saying romantic things when Juvia isnt around? Oh, my prince! (This last part she sounds excited)
  • It doesnt matter what day it is as long as you are happy.
  • If I have to hurt someone, if I have to injure a comrade, then I might as well hurt myself.
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