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About This Character

Example lines said by John Balks / Eleventh:
  • Watch your back, First...
  • After I become god, I will create the ultimate race and I will be their leader.
  • The first...
  • Greetings, gentlemen! Now, let's get this party started. (By party, he means planning to kill c:)
  • Don't you understand?! I think of every child in this town as my own! The children of the orphanage are no exception!
  • Hm...Even if they destroy the HOLONs here, it won't affect my plans. Huh? *chuckles* What's this? *surprised* U-uh! *scared grunts* I-is this real? How can she be here?!
  • They can't get in here. Only those of the Gasai family and I can.
  • Heh, I'm the one who invented the Survival Game!
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