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About This Character

Example lines said by Jelanda:
  • Silence, Lombert!! I will not stand here silently and accept abuse from the likes of you. We cannot allow such behaviour from a boorish mercenary [in the throne room with her dad the King, after Arngrim has broken the statue King gave him] You ungrateful brute! To subject my father to such barbarism! 10.000 deaths are not enough for you. Guards! Take him!
  • That arrogant lout, there must be someway I can get him. Let me think I've got it~! [make it sound like she would sing a note of that I've got it!
  • [following lines are when she disguised herself as Angela] Aren't you ... I mean, might you be Sir Arngrim? I am... I mean, my name is... Um... Jela... Yeah! I mean, no Jela... Uh... My name is Angela. [in the restaurant after the waitress asks what they want to order] Let's see... I'll take this, and this, and this... [waitress asks again what they would like to drink] Umm... This and this and one of these... [Arngrim upsetly asks her if she really gonna eat all that] Why would I? I'll just have what I want and leave the rest. [later on in the same restaurant, she get's mad to waitress and the Head Chef] Call your manager!! I said, call your manager!! Not to my liking, you say! What is this meat? It's raw!! And what's this cloudy soup? It smells awful!! It must be rotten! And what about this! It's a monster!! You're trying to make me eat baby krakens!? You serve monsters here?! ...I have never been so insulted in my entire life! Aaah! Now my throat is parched!
    [She drinks the sake.]
    Kaff!! Blech!! What kind of water IS this!? Are you trying to poison me?! How dare you...! 10.000 deaths are not enough for you...!! [Angela falls to the ground, sleeping.] Zzzzzz...
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