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About This Character

Example lines said by Ilia:
  • FATHER! You're the MAYOR! Start acting like one. You poor thing...
  • But, Link... Can you at least promise me this? Just come home safely.
  • I will be all right, Link. I will be waiting here with the children until you return! So...don't worry about us, OK?
  • Oh, hi, Link. I washed Epona for you!
  • Wait... What's this? What's happened? She's injured, isn't she? Link? How could you! You were pushing Epona too hard again! I bet you hurt her leg jumping fences, didn't you!
  • Link~ Where are you~? (Hold the Link and You)
  • Ugh, yeah, sure. Going into the woods sounds like a greaaat idea... r****d.
  • F**k me sideways, you came back! (Surprised.)
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