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About This Character

Example lines said by Hikaru Hitachiin:
  • Wake up, it's morning~ Huh? What's that about beauty rest? You don't need that to be beautiful. You are naturally.
  • The sun is rising, please wake up! I want to see your shining eyes!
  • If you don't wake up soon I'll just leave. Better hurry and wake up~
  • Watch out, commoner coming through!
  • (Haruhi: who are the Host Club?) They're teen royalty
  • *Tamaki faints* He's a drama queen.
  • Even if I searched the world over, no one could compare to you.
  • (Q: How did you not tell that Haruhi was afraid of thunder?!) (sarcastic) I don't know, because I didn't feel like it
  • (Improvise an answer to the following question: Kaoru or Haruhi?)
  • From now on, I'm the pink haired twin. (casually)
    I didn't wanna be mistaken for that Kaoru for the rest of my life, you know. (matter-of-factly/harshly)
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