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About This Character

Example lines said by Harley Quinn:
  • (With a groan) You boys are really getting on my nerves? Can't a girl have a little fun around here?
  • (Winning a Slot Machine after shooting it to bits) YAHTZEE!
  • (To Black Canary, joking) You always a screamer, Canary? (Laughs) That gets me every time!
  • It'd be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit.
  • You wanna play? Okay, let's play!
  • Mr. J You Better hurry! Things are heating up.
  • Bad day, huh? Cops in this city- always beating on the sick and defenseless.
  • Look... I'm only doing this to help you. Let's try this again. Acceptance.
  • My name's Harleen. Harleen Quinzel.
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