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About This Character

Example lines said by Hanae Ichinose:
  • (Gleefully teasing her son) Figures the only time you'd be such a sweet polite little boy is only if a nice pretty young lady is involved huh? Who knew that my only son here would try to be a little lady killer at this age huh?

    (Cheerful and Amused) A-ha! I knew it! Heh heh ah young love and teenage hormones So how long have you two known each-other? After all I have been told that you two have been dating for about a year now.
  • (Casual and Friendly) Oh you don't need to be so formal with me Soun, you can just call me Hanae.

    (Manipulative and Fake-Concern tone) Oh really? Are you sure that is a good idea Godai?
  • (Calm and casual to a little eager) Ah don't worry Ukyo, Kasumi and the Manager got plenty of stuff for Godai and Sakamoto's little party here so I am sure we have some stuff that you can use to make your really delicious Okonomiyaki. So c'mon lets get back in and eat!

    (Energetic and Eager to Party) Moderation? Why would I want such a useless thing? Especially in a party!
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