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About This Character

Example lines said by Germany:
  • Where is my lollipop!
  • Yes Herr Stick, I understand.
  • (completely lost)Now where the f*** are we?!
  • It appears that I have stumbled upon a forest... And it also seems that I have lost my squadron again. Ah, why does this keep happening to me!? Clearly theyre just jealous of my on-fleek eyebrows and abs. Oh, Herr Stick at least I still have you... You wont abandon me right?
  • Holy sh!t, I f***ing love boats!
  • Its true that they say Italians make the best lovers. And he is mine. My lover. And nobody els-- oh, look, theres Japan! Such a nice, honest, non-backstabbing and completely heterosexual friend and ally.
  • The time was world war one... I found myself in whats youd call a situation
    Hmm weird looks like someone left me these tomatoes-- Augh!
  • Vere the hell did mien bruther go- oh here he is.. Guys, shut zhe hell up!!!
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