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About This Character

Example lines said by Ganzo:
  • Whats all the noise out there? Tobio! How many times are you going to keep running away just to break your poor Grandfather's heart? You always run away, and then come crawling back a few days later... (Patronising)
  • Quit slackin' boy! Those plates aren't going to clean themselves! You'll never grow up to become a Great Chef like me if you keep daydreamin' like that. Don't talk back to me you spoiled brat! (Angry)
  • Burying his treasure in the most difficult and highest places, haha only he would do that.
    This island is the most obvious place he would of hidden his gold, typical.
    Woonan and I grew up together, in the same village. We were inseperable, like brothers.
    (Remaniscing, Happy)
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