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About This Character

Example lines said by Flash / Barry Allen:
  • No... no! It wouldn't have changed all this. It wouldn't have changed what happened before her murder. Bruce's parents! Clark's landing! (Coming to a realization, confused, injured on the ground)
  • No! I won't stand by while people are... (Yelling, upset, cut off as Batman disappears) Thawn... (Angry, almost under your breath and raspy) This is all your fault! (Yelling again, blaming Reverse Flash).
  • Battle noises (grunts, getting hit, in pain, etc.)
  • Speaking of police. What are the first things you notice about them? Their uniforms. It stands out the most, the bright colors, the symbol of justice. What else do you notice? Their badge
  • Don't worry, i'll be back...in a flash!
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